Oracle Database Administrator, Microsoft SQL Server

Portfolio Highlights:

  1. Windows and Linux Installations of the Singla Database:

    • Successfully planned, executed, and documented installations of the Singla database on both Windows and Linux platforms.
    • Conducted thorough system requirements analysis to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.
    • Configured database parameters, storage, and networking settings according to best practices.
    • Implemented security measures such as firewall rules and access controls to protect the database environment.
    • Created detailed installation guides for future reference and knowledge sharing.
  2. Installation of Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters):

    • Expertly designed and deployed Oracle RAC environments to deliver high availability and scalability.
    • Installed and configured Oracle Grid Infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication between nodes.
    • Set up shared storage using technologies like Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management) and SAN/NAS solutions.
    • Implemented Load Balancing Advisory and Connection Pooling to optimize resource utilization.
    • Conducted rigorous testing of failover scenarios to validate the effectiveness of the RAC setup.
  3. Installation of Oracle Data Guard:

    • Designed and executed Oracle Data Guard configurations for disaster recovery and data protection.
    • Created primary and standby databases, establishing physical and logical replication mechanisms.
    • Configured Data Guard properties such as Redo Apply, Fast-Start Failover, and Far Sync Instances.
    • Monitored synchronization status and performed switchover and failover operations to ensure seamless transitions.
  4. Installation of Oracle Golden Gate:

    • Skillfully implemented Oracle Golden Gate to enable real-time data replication across heterogeneous databases.
    • Designed and executed bidirectional replication to support data synchronization between different database platforms.
    • Configured Extract, Replicat, and associated processes to capture and propagate changes.
    • Ensured data consistency and integrity through conflict resolution and error handling mechanisms.
  5. Performance Tuning and Optimization:

    • Proficiently identified and addressed performance bottlenecks by analyzing query execution plans and database statistics.
    • Optimized SQL queries by recommending appropriate indexing strategies and rewriting complex queries.
    • Monitored database performance using tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL Server Profiler.
    • Implemented caching mechanisms, partitioning, and compression techniques to improve query response times.
  6. Backup and Recovery Strategies:

    • Designed comprehensive backup and recovery plans using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and SQL Server backup utilities.
    • Scheduled regular full, incremental, and archive log backups to ensure data recoverability.
    • Conducted periodic backup tests and simulated recovery scenarios to validate the integrity of backups.
    • Developed and documented recovery procedures to minimize downtime and data loss in case of failures.
  7. Security Implementation:

    • Implemented role-based access control (RBAC) and database auditing to enforce data security and compliance.
    • Configured Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to protect sensitive data at rest.
    • Applied critical security patches and updates to address known vulnerabilities promptly.
    • Conducted regular security assessments and vulnerability scans to proactively identify and mitigate risks.
  8. Migration and Upgrades:

    • Successfully executed database migrations and upgrades across different platforms and versions.
    • Conducted thorough pre-migration assessments to identify potential challenges and dependencies.
    • Utilized tools like Oracle Data Pump and SQL Server Migration Assistant for seamless data transfer.
    • Mitigated risks through careful planning, testing, and rollback strategies during migration and upgrade activities.
  9. Documentation and Training:

    • Created detailed documentation for database installations, configurations, and maintenance procedures.
    • Developed user-friendly guides for team members to follow during routine tasks and troubleshooting.
    • Conducted training sessions to educate team members on new technologies, best practices, and operational procedures.
  10. Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting:

    • Demonstrated expertise in diagnosing and resolving complex database-related issues promptly.
    • Collaborated with application developers and infrastructure teams to identify root causes and implement effective solutions.
    • Leveraged diagnostic tools like Oracle Trace and SQL Server Profiler to analyze performance bottlenecks and query performance.